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The greatest witnessing tool I’ve ever had in my hands!

Concrete proof that the God of the Bible is alive



What this madman had just told me was too fantastic to be true. It couldn’t be. If it was, the whole world would have already heard about. I would have read it on the front page of USA Today, not heard it from the mouth of some random stranger.

I was speaking with someone who had attended a seminar I had just delivered, when out of the blue, this guy came up to me from out of nowhere and said, “They’ve found pharaoh’s chariots strewn for a mile and a half on the bottom of the Red Sea and we’ve got it on video!” With steel in my eyes I looked at him and said, “What?” (To be honest, I was trying to hide my disbelief.) “Do you have a copy? Can you give it to me?” I grabbed the VHS tape out of his hands and stormed out of the room. What was this?

The next day I taught for nine straight hours and finished the day absolutely exhausted. When I returned to the pop-up camper I was sleeping and studying in, I popped the cassette into the VCR and hit the play button. And as I’d suspected, this man hadn’t given me the whole story the night before.

An amateur archaeologist I’d never heard of by the name of Ron Wyatt, had not only found pharaoh’s chariots encrusted with coral under 900 feet of water, but he had also allegedly found Noah’s Ark preserved in the Mountains of Ararat in Turkey; the remains of Sodom and Gomorrah covered in brimstone in the exact locations that the Bible declared they should be found. This modern “Indiana Jones” was even claiming to have found the Ark of the Covenant.

If I wasn’t seeing the evidence with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. But there it was in living color, playing right in front of me.

I rewound the tape and watched it again. And again. And again. I watched it over and over, all night long until 0500. After reviewing the evidence for the Red Sea crossing, I thought to myself, “This is the greatest witnessing tool I’ve ever had in my hands.”

I started showing this fifth generation, grainy videotape to everyone who would give me the time of day. The more I showed it, the more I believed it. I couldn’t get over the look in the eyes of everyone I played it for. They were astonished.

Eventually, I must have shown the video to six or seven groups. And after each showing I would ask myself,

“Why hasn’t this gotten out to the rest of the world? Why hasn’t this spread like wildfire in the Christian church? If they’ve really found coral encrusted parts of pharaoh’s chariots spread across the Red Sea after all these years, this is the proof that evolution is a fairy tale! Any moron could see that! This proved that the Hebrew Scriptures were real! What more do people want?”

And then I realized, if everyone did the same thing I had been doing for the past week, no one would ever hear about this amazing discovery. With all of my efforts, only thirty or forty people had seen this evidence. I needed to do more.

I got on a bus and headed to Two Harbors, Minnesota. After only six hours on the bus, the driver threatened to throw me off. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. There wasn’t anyone who was safe. People need to know about this. I argued back: “This is America!” To which he replied, “Yeah, but this is my bus! I can throw you off if I want to.” He proved to be very convincing, and I quieted down; for a little while, at least.

I got to Two Harbors, and I knew I needed to do something more than show it to the few friends I had there. But there was a problem. The video tape I had was shot and not of the quality needed to show it in public. It just wasn’t going to work. I found the number for the ministry that had produced the video, The Prophecy Club, and I called them to order a new, high quality copy. To my dismay they were completely out. They didn’t have any copies in their warehouse they could send me. People were ordering them faster than they could copy them. I pleaded with them. There had to be something they could do!

The receptionist that I was talking to finally relented. “I’ve got one in my VCR at home. I can send you my copy.” Before she could change her mind I shot back, “Send it to me express mail and get it up here!”

Next, I rented out the ballroom of the Superior Shores Hotel, and had them setup a massive 80” big screen television and a VCR. I needed to get as many people at one time into that room as I could so they could see this for themselves. This needed to become front page news somewhere, even if it was only in Two Harbors, Minnesota!

I walked into every public building I could: barber shops; the Ben Franklin store; the bank; the insurance agency; everywhere. I brashly burst through each door and began shouting, “You’ll never guess what they’ve found!” Then I’d just stand there, waiting for someone – anyone – to ask the obvious question: “OK? What did they find?” Then, I would quickly and enthusiastically answer,

“They’ve found pharaoh’s chariots and army strewn for a mile and a half across the bottom of the Red Sea under 900 feet of water, and we’ve got it on video!”

This proved to be absolutely polarizing. One man in the Ben Franklin immediately turned purple because he was so furious that I’d taken away all of his excuses. I went next door to the bank, and the young lady working behind window #2 looked at me as tears began streaming down her cheeks. For her, this was the greatest treasure she could have received; it proved that the Scriptures were real. I could see that I was about to enter into a hornet’s nest on one end, while on the other, I would be offering beloved evidence for those who were desperately searching for the truth, and simply hoping to grab on to more reality.

When the night to show the video finally came, you couldn’t find space to breathe in that ballroom. It was packed beyond capacity. These people were eager to see the evidence for themselves. And they weren’t disappointed.

At the end of the evening the whole city was buzzing. Everyone was talking about it. They understood exactly what this meant: that the Bible is true! You could trust it! There is a God! But it was short lived. The next day, I found out the biggest reason why this discovery hadn’t gotten out to the world.

These newly fired up Christians went back to their churches and told their pastors what they’d learned. And by the next afternoon, these pastors had done everything they could possible do to convince these Believers that this evidence wasn’t true. Why?

Because if their denomination didn’t discover this, it had no relevance. Essentially, these pastors said,

“If I, your paid professional religious leader, haven’t told you that these discoveries have been made, then these discoveries have absolutely no relevance. It doesn’t mean anything. Don’t get excited about the Bible or studying it for yourself. That’s my job. I’ll tell you what to believe. Now sit down, shut up, pay your 10% religion tax, and I’ll see you next Sunday!”

The self-protective instincts of false shepherds who were in ministry to make a buck couldn’t afford to let the truth get out.

But you can’t hide truth and you don’t have to defend it. It’s like a lion: you just have to let it loose.

What you will be reading over the course of the next dozen or so articles will absolutely shake you. You aren’t ready for it. The leaders of your particular religious institution will try to discredit it. For many, this is bad news. It proves that governments and denominations have been conspiring to hide the truth from the people for thousands of years. And most people are happy with the lies they’ve been told.

But for a select few, it will be good news. It will provide concrete proof that the God of the Bible is alive and well. Read at your own risk.